Community Emergency Training (CERT)

During a disaster, emergency services will be overwhelmed with requests for help. Residents of the Snohomish area are invited to participate in emergency training to build local disaster resources. These resources are called Community Emergncy Response Teams (CERT). CERT training teaches you how to survive a major disaster then provide assistance to friends and neighbors.

Subjects covered by this training include lessons on disaster preparedness, fire suppression, medical assistance, search & rescue, disaster psycology, and other skills that are needed after a disaster. The final class session will include a mock disaster in which students get a chance to practice their new skills. If you are interested in attending a CERT class you can email snohomishcert@gmail.com or you can check for other locations in the area that offer CERT.

The CERT concept was developed by the City of Los Angeles Fire Department after the department recognized that citizens would likely be on their own during the furst 72 hours of a catastrophic disaster. Through the Federal Emergency Management Agency and local emergency management agencies the CERT program has been expanded nationwide.