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The  Position

Commissioners meet a minimum of once per month for about 2 hours.  Currently, meetings are on the 2nd Monday at 7:00 p.m..  There are occasionally additional meetings as needed. 


Commissioners typically attend 2 – 3 training sessions a year that are from 1-3 days.  These training classes may be local or in other areas of the state.  Commissioners must review emails and meeting information throughout the month with a time commitment of 1 – 5 hours per month.  The applicant will fill the position through 2023.


If the appointed commissioner wishes to continue in the position, they will need to file for election in the primary/general elections for 2023.  The person elected in the 2023 election will complete the current term through the end of 2027.  In 2027, the election to fill the next full 6-year term will take place.


 Commissioners are given a stipend of $128 per meeting/training they attend.  The candidate’s fulltime residence must be within the boundaries of Snohomish County Fire District #4.  The Fire District Commissioner is a non-partisan position.

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