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The Fourth of July is a meaningful holiday in the Pacific Northwest, and across our Nation.  Our current COVID climate may change how we celebrate, but not the reasons for the celebration.   Safety continues to be our number one concern for you and your family at this festive occasion.  Here are some facts and suggestions to keep in mind:

Purple Sparkler

Did  you know that sparklers burn at a temperature of 1200°  Fahrenheit?  That is hotter than the temperature needed to melt glass!    Sparklers account for 25% of emergency room fireworks injuries.   If you choose to use sparklers (or other fireworks) please wear eye protection, use a punk to light them, and have a water source, bucket of sand and/or fire extinguisher nearby.   

Always supervise young children.

glow sticks.jpg

Here are some alternatives to fireworks

that preserve the sights  and sounds of the holiday:

+ Use glow sticks at night

+ Use red/white/blue silly string

+ Use bubbles during the day

+ Use party poppers and noise makers

+Set up large sheet screen for outdoor movie night

+Do a patriotic craft as a family


SCFD#4 wishes you a

Happy and Safe 4th of July!

"Safety Doesn't Happen by Accident"

as this National Fire Protection Association  (NFPA) video reminds us...


call 425-407-3999 to report  illegal fireworks

call 911 to report fires or fireworks injuries.

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