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The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has the following recommendations when traveling

in an RV with your family:

1.  Continue to use your car seats , booster seats, and seat belts.

2.  Make sure car seats and booster seats are positioned facing forward, not sideways or backwards.

3.  Choose an RV that meets the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 208.  They have type 2 (lap and shoulder) belts in all forward-facing seats.  Type 1 belts (lap only) are not safe.

4. Tow or drive a second car if there are not enough safe seating positions for everyone.

5. Don't distract the driver.  The driver must focus on the road, especially with the longer stopping distance required by an RV.

6. Remember the Laws of Physics.  An RV is basically a house on wheels.  If  the vehicle is going 60 mph, so is everything inside of it.  If you are not  wearing a seat belt -  you can easily become a human missile. RVs are also prone to rolling over.

7.  Adults need to model safe behavior - including wearing seat belts - for their children.

8.  Be safe,  take plenty of rest breaks, and have fun too!

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