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Pine Avenue -  Civic Campus

Here you will find any and all information on our current progress and operations regarding the Pine Avenue Property.  This site is best viewed in DESKTOP MODE.

Next Up...


All Fire District training has been completed and for the time being, all of our demolition work is done. We tentatively have construction scheduled for the first quarter in 2025 and demolition may resume then. 

While we are making progress towards construction, the lot will be secured by fencing (starting 5/24) and not accessible to the public. The area still has many safety hazards and is not suitable for driving or parking.

Excitement within the District is rising as we take this next big step in the direction of our new station. As we receive draft design templates and sketches, we shall provide them here for the public to see and join in our excitement.


Live Burn Houses.png


District 4, South County Fire & Rescue, and  SRFR (Snohomish Regional Fire & Rescue) will continue training at the site through March.


         Live Fire Training is scheduled 

             the second week in April                                  


 April 09 = 317 Pine  

 April 10  = 325 Pine 




Approximate Daily Burn Schedule:

  7 - 9 am =  Check In  (Personnel & Apparatus)

9 - 10 am = Ignite & Extinguish =  Crews will continually re-ignite and extinguish  structures as long as it is safe to do so.

     ~2 pm = Final Burn =  During this last training evolution, the crews will focus on protection mode for the surrounding structures as the house is allowed to burn to the ground

  4 - 6pm = Pack Up =  Fires will be extinguished and equipment replaced on the apparatus.  A fire engine will remain on the scene monitoring the burn site until it is safe to leave.

Overnight =  Please call 911 with any concerns about smoke, embers, or flames during the overnight hours.

Smoke & Masks

SCFD4 has complied with all NFPA, Puget Sound Clean Air Agency  and City, County and State inspection and permitting standards to ensure that virtually all hazardous materials have been removed from the properties.

Smoke will be produced with this burn, and the department advises you keep windows closed and air circulation units running during burn times.

For added protection, you can obtain a free N95 mask from the Headquarters Station 43 at 1525 Avenue D.    Masks are available during regular business hours      (7am - 4pm) Monday through Friday.   


The City purchased the Southern 57%

of the property from the Fire District  in February.

Updates will be posted as we receive new information.

The District is in the final design stages

of a new headquarters station

for the Northern section of the property.

Public meetings on the design and plans will happen

in late spring/early summer.


 To ensure safety, the northern end of      the  300 block of Pine Avenue and Cypress Ave.  will be closed during       

                the live burns.                     

Access to local businesses in the area                  will  be maintained.

     A detour route for through traffic 
                     will be in place.

             Plan for alternatives to

street parking on Pine Avenue which will be blocked by emergency vehicles.

           Truck routes will be identified. 

Road Closed.png

Water Concerns

          A Message From Your Water Department

                                  The operation of fire hydrants in your area can produce cloudy or brown  water.                                   This happens when high volumes of water are forced through the water pipes.

The City of Snohomish will  'pre-flush'  the water pipes in the training area in the weeks prior to the fire  to minimize cloudiness in the water.  In the event of cloudy water, the city recommends the following: 

CLOUDY WATER - is often caused by air bubbles trapped in your water pipes that alter the pressure of the water coming through your faucets. If the cloudiness is caused by Oxygen being forced into the water, the water will calm and clear on its own in a few minutes as the extra oxygen leaves the water.

BROWN WATER - is often caused by the sediments that settle at the bottom of the distribution pipe being disturbed by the high pressure and volume of water coming through the pipes.   These sediments mostly include iron and manganese from the corrosion on pipes and valves.  Although iron and manganese do not pose health concerns, they can affect the aesthetic of the water.  If you notice brown water, it is best to refrain from using water for about an hour or so to allow the system a chance to settle.  It is also advisable to disconnect the ice cube maker in your refrigerator to avoid brown ice cubes.   After an hour, run the COLD water in your bathtub to see if the brown clears quickly.  You may also want to run an empty cycle in the clothes washer to prevent the possibility of deposits or staining.


Further  questions can be directed to the City of Snohomish's Water Quality Control Specialist         Kathy Caldwell at 360-282-3165  or  

cloudy water.png

SCFD4 is aware the burn sites are 2 blocks away from the Pilchuck River, and is committed to making sure no water      run-off migrates to Cypress Avenue or the River.  We have a Temporary Erosion and Sediment Control Plan

in place with the City.

storm water.jpg

Observing  the  Training

We  expect  a lot of community interest in the live burns,

 from local citizens, media, and fire crews from surrounding fire districts.   Local media will be invited to observe and report during one of the burn days.

Out of an abundance of caution for safety, and respect for the businesses and private property owners in the area, we are NOT encouraging individual citizens to come observe the burns.


Safety is our primary concern during all training exercises.

There will be a Safety Officer and a manned Aid Car stationed at the property during burn hours, as well as Support 43 to help rehabilitate fire crews.

It is CRUCIAL for all citizens to stay outside the training site, for their safety and the safety of the fire fighting personnel.  All personnel will  focus on the fire.

Safety First.jpg



04/09/2024       Live Fire Training Begins

02/13/2024       Daily Training Begins

01/20/2024       Property Vacated by Tenants

12/13/2023      Security Fencing in Place 

11/20/2023       Property Purchased

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