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What is a Knox  Box?

A Knox Box is a mounted safe that holds the key to a home or business, and allows emergency personnel access to the building.

How do I get one ?

There are many providers of the boxes.  The buttons below will direct you to the websites of  two major companies for more information.  When ordering a box you will be asked to provide your LOCATION (state - WA)   and your LOCAL FIRE DEPARTMENT AGENCY  (Snohomish Co Fire Dist #4).  You can call us to help verify if you reside in our Fire District or not.




I purchased a box - now what ?

1. Install your box in a prominent and accessible location.

2. Call the Fire Department.

3. Arrange to meet with the Fire Department at your residence.

4. The Fire Department will lock the residence key inside the box with their District Master Key.

5. Be sure to add information about the location of a Lock Box onto your SMART 911 account  (see SMART 911 registration on our Home Page).

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