Facility Rental

For Training at the Ray Lee Brown Training Site

Agencies that have a Fire Training Facility Use Agreement with us can request use of the Ray Lee Brown Training Site by submitting a Training Request form. Please also read the Training Facilities Use Rules as this is part of the reservation process. Since Snohomish Fire has training on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, the site cannot be used at that time.


For the Community

Snohomish Fire District 4 encourages the use of its facilities by the citizens and our community. If you are interested in renting one of our rooms for a meeting or class call 360-568-2141 during regular business hours and someone will let you know if the room is available.

You may also Email our office assistant for assistance with rentals.

Once confirmed, you will be asked to fill out, sign and submit a Facility Use Application within five (5) business days after verbal confirmation of room availability. Once you have downloaded and completed the Application, print it and submit with a check (government agencies will be billed).

*Payments for rooms must be made at least three days prior to the date of use.

Available Rooms                                                 Maximum Capacity

Harvey Auditorium                                      90 Auditorium, 48 Classroom

Walsh Room                                                  48 Auditorium,  24 Classroom

Lauterbach Room                                        49 Auditorium,  23 Classroom

Station 42- Downstairs Meeting Room                                                      26

For pricing on rooms, click here.